Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time to be accountable

Today I took coffee to my friend Michelle's house but I had another motive than just getting some caffeine and chatting. She's a new friend because recently I moved from Montana to Little Rock, Arkansas. Michelle works at my husband's office and we hit it off.

Recently, Michelle asked me to be an accountability partner, and I immediately said yes. In the past I've connected with friends in this way and it's really helped me on my Christian walk. Even though the word 'accountability' sounds overwhelming, I've found it's good just to have someone to talk to about: 1) things that are going well, 2) things that aren't going so well, and 3) how I'm dealing with them. As we chat, Michelle asks me questions about these things, and I ask her too.

Yet perhaps the most important part of meeting together is prayer and sharing God's Word. Today when we met Michelle and I spent five minutes praying for each other. Also during out talk, we brought in God's point-of-view on things. When Michelle was sharing her struggles, I talked about a Bible verse I had recently read that applied. Then, she did the same with me. Michelle not only shared her thoughts, she also reminded me of God's thoughts.

Have you ever considered having an accountability partner? Maybe you should think about it. Look around and think of someone who you enjoy being with—someone who is encouraging to you. This person doesn't have to have a perfect relationship with God, neither do you. In fact, hopefully through your time together you'll not only grow closer to each other, but closer to Him, too.

Perhaps you already have someone you share all the details of your life with. If so, consider taking that relationship to a new level. Pray, read Scripture, or read a devotional book together. Even best friends can become closer if they open up their whole lives to each other.


katiejohnsonwriter.com said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Tricia. I've never heard of accountability partners before today.

I travel so much that it makes it difficult to connect with women in this way...but hey, I have a loving spouse! I'm going to throw this idea out to him.

What I like about this is that it's solid: intentional focus on problems, solutions and support. Too often, friendships don't provide this or just make things worse-in my experience.I honestly never thought of creating a "patterned" friendship like this. Thanks!

Kela said...

Great points! I prayed for a couple of years for a woman that I can be accountable to/with.
God has answered my prayer and I now have a best friend and she keeps me on my toes. We pray, share, giggle, cry, breath in God's word and His goodness together.