Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This is my mom and sister Jennifer. I'm in the middle. A new friend had a tea party birthday for me this year. So special--just the friend and my mom and sis.

Jen and I aren't exactly alike. She loves to shop and is a fantastic tennis player. I'd rather walk alone in our woods (or do almost anything)than go to a mall and I don't play any sports.

Growing up, Jennifer loved baby dolls. Not me.

We have different styles of decorating. She's more classic and elegant. We live in a log house--sort of rustic country.

She has two boys and a girl. I have two girls and a boy.

But we share our childhood and a deep, constant love.

I've been thinking a lot about my family lately. We can call just to chit-chat, say something funny, or ask the others to pray.I love that!

I just wanted to pause today and say, "Thank you, God for creating us, and for giving us the gift of family."

Life zips by so fast. The picture was taken on my 50th birthday.

If you have a sister, are you a lot alike? Are you close in age? What do y'all do when you hang out?


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