Monday, August 02, 2010

I lose many things, but

. . . the thing I miss the most is my head.
This past week has been filled with so many wonderful happenings that I got overwhelmed. I guess that being overwhelmed is not as good of an excuse as being under the weather, or undermined, or under stress. Life has been full of the the extraordinary. So much so that the ordinary, mundane things have been pushed to the side. (Anyone want to volunteer to do laundry, clean the bathroom, or put books back on the right shelves? Yes, putting books back is a major task at my house.)
We are getting ready to release The Dragon and the Turtle. My webmaster is designing this super website. I keep throwing new ideas at her and then she goes above and beyond the call of duty in presenting them. The site is not live yet, but when it is, I want you to visit. Not because you would drool over this book, but because you probably babysit kids who would. LOL
I've even enlisted one of great friends who develops games and crafts for elementary church curriculum. And we developed a recipe for Mock-mock Turtle Soup. Yum. (No turtles were harmed in the making of this soup.)

And I feel like Peter Pan in the old stage play, where he flies around the nursery, singing, "I gotta crow!"

And you know what makes this book so special?
It isn't MY book. It's OUR book. My daughter and I wrote it, and Vincent Nguyen, with his creative genius, brought it to life. It is so much more special because of the joint venture. Just like the website is a compilation of several friends' talents.
Oh, I absolutely LOVE this.
(Yes, Capital letters are SHOUTING. Not at you but because of you. I get to share this enthusiasm. I'm not stuck in a closet with my joy bundled up and no one to share it with. Hurray! Hurray!) Hurray! You see, even one of the hurrays escaped the parenthesis fence.
This type of joy is not an everyday thing so I am going to revel in it, not stifle it. I know God understands it is not about me, but all He has given me. If I tamped down the bubbles in my blow bubble pipe, I would not be expressing the gratitude I have.
Do the Snoopy Happy Dance with me?
Rejoice with those who do rejoice!

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