Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Praying for Strangers

I had this sort of weird idea today. I decided to pray for people as I went about my day--people I don't know.

So, here's how it went. I went by my mother's house and we left to go to lunch. On the way, we pass a hitchhiker (no, I'm not suggesting you ever pick up a hitchhiker). This guy seems angry that no one will stop for him.

Lord, whatever his hurt, help him. I don't know what's going on, but he looks like he needs Your love.

Then, onto Panera Bread. I love this place! A woman at the counter places her order and then drops her laptop to the ground.

Father, could you help her today? She seems to be struggling.

As we're eating, a young mother is trying to eat and take care of her baby.

Father, I remember those days. Bless her. Give her a heart of patience.

My brother works at Panera Bread. So many prayers have gone up for him. He stops by our table to gather dirty plates. He celebrated three years of sobriety this past May. He's doing beautifully--so happy--going to Celebrate Recovery each week, even sponsoring two men.

Oh, Jesus. Thank you. I remember when I'd give up hope. But You never do.

And then for my mother.

Thank you, Father. Each day with family is a blessing. I don't always treat it that way. Thank you that we can spend time together.

But you know what surprised me the most? As I prayed for others, I felt changed. I forgot about myself--my little worries and considered others. And God.

Forgive me, Lord. I forgot how close You really are.


Child-of-God said...

I've tried this too! And you"re quite right about the part that you forget about yourself and instead find that you're considering only the needs of others.

Makay said...

Amazing. I love that idea- I do it in my school halls... great post. :)


Julie Garmon said...

Thanks Child of God (LOVE YOUR NAME)and Makay. I know!! It's so powerful. You totally forget yourself and who knows how God honors our prayers. It just feels right. Love to you!