Friday, September 03, 2010

For all of us Double-A Battery Types

I think surely there's something called a spirit of rush. And those of us blessed with a Type A personality tend to be in a constant rush. All things must be done in a hurry. Everything is of utmost importance and sooner is always better than later. Staying ahead of schedule is crucial.

For instance, when I go to the grocery store for a few items, I grab my purse and rush out the door as though I'm headed to perform emergency surgery.

When I walk through any store, I almost run.

I follow too closely behind cars--you know, trying to push them along.

Here's the problem. If I'm not careful, I stay so busy in my hurried little world that I miss the beauty of life, and the beauty in others. I take my world so seriously, that I forget about the joy that always comes in slowing down for a bit.

So, I'm trying some new behaviors. I've almost completely stopped wearing a watch. Believe me--this is huge for a Type A person.

I decided to take up a hobby. A slow motion hobby that forces me not to be in a hurry.

I took a knitting class. There's no way I can knit in a hurry. I'm just a baby knitter, so I still have to go slow and think about every single stitch. Knitting even slows my thoughts. Is this a knit stitch or a purl? I make a lot of knitting mistakes. From my Type A brain, it could be considered a waste of time. I've gone back to the yarn shop plenty of times for knitting help (trying to drive slowly the whole way).

But I'm going to stick with my lifestyle changes. Mostly, I'm still not wearing my watch. And I'm probably the slowest knitter in town, but think maybe God has a lesson for me buried in my unfinished miniature pink scarf. I pray I'll be more aware of divinely unexpected appointments with others.

God holds time in the palm of His hands. Daily now, I'm asking Him to slow me down so I won't miss sweet opportunities.

Any double-A batteries understand?



sunnycalgirl said...

I am a B battery..I like to be in the slow lane. I can learn from those like you..charged up and raring to go. What a great post! Blessings!

Julie Garmon said...

Ohhhh, a B Battery person. I like your kind! Trying to sloooooow down like you. :-)

Thanks for commenting.