Thursday, September 02, 2010

Laughter, the Best Medicine?

You know Satan has a habit of taking something that God created and perverting it to sully the masses. Good, healthy sex is twisted to become pornography. Tasty, nutritious food is battered and fried, creamed and distorted to be filled with calories and saturated fats. Proverbs tells us that laughter is good like a medicine. But Satan is using.
This is the process, which really works for him.
The sitcom presents cheating on a wife as a funny situation. The writers are clever. The audience laughs. Suddeny cheating in a marriage is not as far down in the black pit of sin, because the audience laughed. The more often the concept is revisited and the more often it triggers the laughter response, the less sinister it seems. Remember that old song in Sunday school? Be careful little eyes what you see. Be carefule little ears what you hear. Be careful little hands what you touch.
We need to be careful what we laugh at. We may be weakening our defenses, smearing the line between right and wrong, and allowing Satan to bend our convictions.
Laugh! But make sure you are enjoying the same type of humor, Jesus would enjoy.

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