Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I get tired of trying to "make myself" good ...

There are many things people say we should NOT do.

We shouldn't have sex until marriage.
We shouldn't drink.
We shouldn't lie.
We shouldn't watch unwholesome television or movies.
We shouldn't cuss.
We shouldn't dress provocatively.

Sometimes I get tired of hearing what I shouldn't do. I get tired of trying to "make myself" be good.

The best thing I've done to combat this is to fill myself up with Jesus. I spend time with Him. I talk to Him through the day. I read His words to me in the Bible. I thank Him. I listen to Christian music and sing along. And I've discovered when I fill up with God I don't want to do the things I know I shouldn't. Instead ...

I want to be pure.
I want to be a reflection of Christ.
I want to be truthful.
I want to fill my life with what is pure and good.
I want to speak life and truth.
I want to be modest and help others live godly lives.

The results are the same ... but the heart is what's different. And instead of feeling like there's a list of things I need to step away from, I live in joy as I step closer to God!

What about you?

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Stephanie said...

This is so true I feel the same way :)