Saturday, October 16, 2010

go directly to jail, do not pass go

I am going to be put behind bars, although they are promising me gourmet bread and water. But I try not to eat any gluten, so that is not much comfort.

Two weeks ago, I got a phone call. The man calling joyfully informed me that I had been turned in and was going to jail. He was much to cheerful to be serious, so I asked if I didn't get a trial first. He said no. Hmmm? Which one of my friends was behind this? He said he couldn't tell me, but told me when the paddy wagon would come to my house and pick me up. He also told me what my bail had been set out. Finally, I got the underlying message.

I was being put into jail for good. Being good, that is.

And my friends must bail me out. He suggested I raise my bail before I went to jail on November 18th and therefore I would only have the formality of posting the money and getting out.

What is this all for? Muscular Dystrophy. My bail will go toward research and practical aid for MD. That's a good thing. If you want to help me with my bail, go to this site.

So far, I haven't raised much. But I'm finished being shy. It's for a good cause, and hey! I really don't want to spend time in the clinker, even if the clinker is a nice restaurant.

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