Monday, November 08, 2010

Dreaming of Mr. Right

It’s easy to spot Mr. Right in the movies or in a good novel. He’s the one who shows up out of nowhere, casts a handsome smile, and sweeps little Miss Lonely off her feet. There are struggles to be sure. There may be moments when Mr. Right seems long gone, but if the movie/book is one of those happily-ever-after stories Him and Her will end up realizing their love and committing themselves to each other for life. Riding off in the sunset with Mr. Right is the correct ending for every good story.

Yet there is a time in all of our lives when we doubt there is a Mr. Right for us. Those dumb boys at school aren’t nearly as cute, or smart, or kind as the heroes on television, but sometimes that doesn’t seem to matter very much because we’re not necessarily Cinderella or even Snow White.

At night, as we lay in bed drifting off in sleep we may dream about our future, about our wedding day and our life, our career and our kids. But once we’re at school, or work, those thoughts seem like fading dreams. Our focus turns to reality—to today—and we forget to plan, or pray for, all those tomorrows that are hanging in the future with bright expectations.

We don’t think about Mr. Right at school. Or when we’re with our friends. We don’t consider our future wedding day and all the marriage days to follow. Instead we look around and see that all our friends are dating and we want to keep up. We watch the teen movies and desire some of that romance that we see on the big screen. We feel empty inside, incomplete, and we want loved. Need love. Sure our parents, and siblings, and maybe even friends from church or school love us, but it’s not the same. We want to experience those giddy feelings and that flutter of butterflies in our stomachs … you may feel that way, too.

So then comes the day when that guy that sits three seats in front of you in Chemistry asks you out you quickly agree. He’s just average looking, and he doesn’t go to church. He mostly hangs around his friends and plays video games or football on the front lawn after school. He’s not someone you can really imagine spending your life with, but he’s not that bad and he likes you. And you don’t want to miss the chance. After all you do want to go to the prom and you do want to experience a kiss. And so those hopes that you had when you were drifting off to sleep are forgotten. Mr. Right is just a fantasy and you live for the here and now. After all, there is no guarantee for a good future, right?

Then again, maybe there is something you can do. Maybe there is something you can do with your friends. It’s a place to start. And it starts on your knees. Before you date. Before you give your heart PRAY. Pray for God to guide you. Pray for His will. Seek HIS peace.

And then, if you don't have peace that this guy is God's good, perfect will for you ... at this time ... for your heart.

Run. Run away from temptation. Run to God.


Anonymous said...

Thanks that really helps and makes sense too:)

Anna said...

I can verify the fact that Mr. Right is worth the wait. I gave my romance life to God and said 'not till you say it's time.' And then, 5 months later, he brought me my Jacob.
He is Mr. Right for me. In waiting on God, My Savior brought me someone who loves me, builds me up, encourages me and gently reminds me who I really am when I start to stray.
Waiting is worth it, even if it means being the only girl in your highschool without a boyfriend.

Kaylee said...

i think marriage is so important and i believe that Jesus knows who i'm going to marry... if i do get married... if Jesus lets me live here that long. i believe everything depends on Jesus so i always pray that He shows me the man he wants me to marry.

KStew93 said...

Wow. This is really incredible! It's crazy how all of us girls struggle with the same stuff. And we think we are all alone. But we aren't! He'll come someday friends. We just gotta be faithful and wait for God's timing. A good reminder for all of us.

Still dreaming of Mr. Right,
Mrs. Right ;)

Jeanine Giuffrida said...
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