Saturday, January 08, 2011

First Kiss

Have you always thought about your first kiss? A first kiss symbolizes attraction—someone desires you and you desire that person in return. And you, of course, want to be desired. We all do. In a world with billions and billions of people you want to be noticed, especially by a special guy.

The problem is that the longings of our hearts sometimes get in the way of our common sense. You may know at thirteen or sixteen or even eighteen that you're not ready to get married. You may know that the guy you're getting close to wouldn't be husband material even if you were ready. But the emotions are shouting louder than your common sense. Your heart pounds, your palms sweat … this has to be a good thing, right? Then you start to justify. All your friends are doing it, so why shouldn't you?

There's another problem too. Kisses have been cheapened by society. Watch any tween series like iCarly or Drake and Josh and you'll see boys kissing girls and girls kissing boys with abandon. On shows for teens and adults they go farther than that very quickly. It maybe the same way at your school. A kiss is just a kiss … or is it?

I personally know of one young couple who waited until their wedding day for their first kiss. The tension was high in the ceremony … everyone wanted to see the culmination of all their waiting, and we weren't disappointed. I know the couple wasn't disappointed either. Love, tenderness and excitement filled the room. We observers couldn't help but smile and cheer.

And that's one problem about giving away kisses to easily. Sometimes you're disappointed when the perfect moment is given away to a guy who doesn't cherish you. Most of the time there is regret. Every kiss is giving away a part of yourself. A part of your heart.

If you have already given away more kisses than you'd like to admit, you can choose today to make a change. Consider your lips as something precious to be cherished. Like Barlow Girls sing, “what if your prince comes riding in while you're kissin' a frog?” And if you believe you have found your prince, waiting will only make the kiss more special when it does happen.

Ask Jesus to help you be strong. Also ask Jesus to help your future husband to be strong to. In a world where there is a lot of temptation, your future husband needs all the prayers you can offer.

Another thing … don't stop praying. The amazing thing about prayer is that God has designed this system to release the power of heaven for that person or situation. Think of your prayers as the garage door opener that lifts heaven's gates and sends reinforcement and strength to your future husband. You may not know him. You may have never seen him, but your prayers will make a different in his life. Think about a time when you can pray regularly. There is no greater habit than a habit of prayer.

I've made it a habit to pray when I first open my eyes in the morning. I also write out prayers in my journal during my morning quiet time, and I pray in the shower too. These three “prayer moments” started by me doing it one day and then the next and then the next. Pick a time and a place where you can commit to prayer, too … and then make it a habit! Someday, when you do meet your future husband, you just might be amazed by how much your prayers sustained his life and protected His heart … for you.


Sierra said...

This is a really great post =)
I am going to wait to have my first kiss until I am married.

Talia DeAndrea said...

This is a great post, and I absolutely agree. I am choosing to save myself until marriage...physically and emotionally. My first kiss will be my husband's! Great post!!

Anonymous said...

I never really comment but the posts by you bloggers have really helped me through some of my life situations!
- I feel like God was really calling to me in this moment because the talk of the town has been who everyone is going to ask to our school's sady hawkins and had just text my friend about it, and have really been distraught. But decided to get on here and see what was up and i feel like this post in a way has helped me. I'm not big on the whole dating thing and am really irritated when I have been pressured to try and kiss someone. so thank you for your post and I will be sure and take this advice into account!

RAVEministries said...

Your First kiss is a BIG deal. It is exciting and nerve-rating all at the same time. Something to remember is to never rush into anything you don't want to do and enjoy a pressure-free relationship. A kiss is sacred and should not be given to anyone. Enjoy getting to know someone first before you take a relationship to the next step.

Saraaa said...

I totally agree ! Hopefully I'll do the same