Monday, January 03, 2011

The Joy of Journaling

Does anybody else love to journal? If you're like me, I bet you get excited over a new journal (so many blank pages) and a package of fun pens!

This bookshelf behind my computer holds a few of my journals. I've been writing my prayers since 1994--maybe even longer.

To me, nothing is too silly to pray about. Every few months, I thumb through my journals to see what was going on, what mattered to me, and what I was praying for years ago or even last month. And to see how God has answered. To be honest, a few prayers seem to be on hold forever. Others, it's as though He rushes in and says, "Yes!"

I don't try and pretty up my words. I just write. God knows my often ugly heart, my bad attitude, and my doubts. And He still loves me.

A lot of times, I'll write a one word prayer. Just his or her first name. That's been such a neat experience for me--to write a name and know that God understands and is working His best for the person.


A few times, I've put my pen on the page and let Him "talk back to me."

My Dear Julie,
I love you with an everlasting love. There's no reason to fear. I am with you always. I hold you with my righteous right hand. I'll never leave you or forsake you. I love for you to come talk to me. Never feel ashamed or afraid. I am your Daddy. Before the beginning of time, I knew all about you. The things that are on your heart are also on My heart. You can trust Me.

If you've never tried writing your prayers, it might be a great way to start the new year.

And you have friends who blog here who'd love to pray for you.



Pam Williams said...

Julie, Journaling is such a good way to record those things that we want to remember about God and our daily life. I am keeping a Journal of Blessings over here would love for you to share your blessings.

I really like your blog. I am well over my teen years and not even twenty something anymore but I am so happy for what you are doing. I will mention it to my twenty something daughters!

Amanda said...

I have kept a journal of some sort since I was eleven years old. I just recently began writing my prayers down, though, and I agree that it is a very good and enlightening thing to do. It is definitely fun to go back and see how God is working in my life and the lives of those I pray about. :)

Gia said...

I've kept a journal for a long time. Perhaps some of the most rewarding entries have come during trying times in my life: miscarriages, when my husband was deployed for the war, helping widows from the war, and then finally bringing my children into the world...all the fears, hopes and prayers that were woven in those entries. It is a blessing to read back and see how God was with me, how He loved me, and how He brought me through it all. :)

I want those words to outlive me.

Julie Garmon said...

Hey Pam, I can't wait to check out your blog. My daughters are in their twenties (son 19). Oh, the prayers I've written for my children. Probably just like you.

Wow, Amanda. You started at age 11--wish I'd thought about it way back then. Keep writing!!

Gia, what beautiful words you shared. I also have written about some hard times. I think it helps get us through them. Much love to each of you today!

Robin said...

How I love this...

Elizabeth said...

I have loved journaling since I was 9. God has really used it in my life as a way to express my feelings and grow in Him. I have also tried writing down prayers to Him and one of the greatest things that I've done was writing down something God was saying to me. Journaling is amazing!

(I just found this blog and I think it's really awesome so far!)

Anonymous said...

I'm still in my preteens, but I started doing that a year or two ago, and I found out how good I feel afterwards. I know I can't send it to Heaven and get a written response, but I always feel better once I've gotten everything I've been keeping inside out. Even if I don't realize it, He'll have it taken care of. I was struggling to understand something and after a few years, I finally saw how it all turned out to be better His way; I felt so embarressed and stupid because of my assumptions.

Julie Garmon said...

Thank you, Robin. Elizabeth, I feel the same way! Sometimes it takes an extra measure of faith for me to write "from God" but I love doing it. So impressed you've been journaling since you were 9.

Anonymous--I feel the same way after I write my prayers/thoughts. I think it's such a healthy thing for us to do. So glad you started young. You'll be sooooo glad you did!

Anonymous said...

I am, I like being a teen, but I don't think I could live with everything inside.