Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day--or not

Camy here! I intended to have this post up earlier today but I got sidetracked because I’m on deadline. Sorry about that!

How’s your Valentine’s Day going? Good or bad? Most of my Valentine’s Days when I was in my teens and twenties totally sucked. It wasn’t just not having a boyfriend, it was feeling like nobody cared about me.

I now know that wasn’t true. There were lots of people who cared about me, but I had closed myself off from people because I thought they wouldn’t want to be close to me.

But I also think that time in my life was because Jesus wanted me to be closer to Him. I have the type of personality where I will fill my life with friends who will take the place of God. Instead of depending solely and completely on Him, I will depend on my friends more than I should.

So God will sometimes have to take all my friends away from me for a little while to remind me that I need to depend on Him more, and to re-teach me how to do that. I think that’s what most of my teens and twenties were about.

(Or it could be that at the time, I wasn’t really a nice enough person that a boy would want to date me. Luckily God worked in me to make me a better person.)

Hmm, that’s not a very uplifting Valentine’s Day post. Then again, I’ve never enjoyed V-Day even when I got married, maybe because I remember how hard those days were when I was younger.

I guess if you’re at the same point I was, don’t lose hope. Cling to Jesus because He’s all you’ll need, and it really will get better. Sometimes it means God needs to work on you more, but other times it just means you need to be patient and trust that Jesus knows what He’s doing.

Love and peace,

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Emii said...

Is Valentine's Day like, a big thing in America? Or maybe it's just me who forgets:P

Hey, Camy, did you get around to sending me those bookmarks? Or maybe they just haven't arrived yet. :)

Rebekah said...

Hi! I've been reading this blog for a few months now and I absolutely love it. The messages are so great and it's definitely helped me grow. In the single season of my life, I am inspired to adapt Valentine's Day to the Day of Love. I am celebrating Self-Love because God loves me. I know this mindset will help me for future romantic relationships. For the past two years, I have been spreading this message with my friends and now strangers on the campus. I hope with this perspective, people won't feel sorry for where God wants them to be.

Savannah said...

Thanks Camy, I actually found this post very uplifting :)
I have a friend in my life who has said some hurtful things about my dating life, or lack there of. Today she had another "piece" of advice as if she thinks she knows all about relationships because she found out her bf asked her father about marriage. (we're 25) like it gives her license to dissect me & tell me ALL the reasons why I'm single.
Maybe the reason for my singleness- which outside of her comments doesn't bother me much- is that God wants me to leand more of Him, by growing in Him I may have better knowledge on my journey to find a husband & a stronger marriage down the road.
I guess I'm struging more with the fact that I'm critized for not being well on my way to marriage & being told it's bc there's something wrong with me & that I don't know what I want. Could it be the exact opposite of what she is saying & God saving something special, maybe uncovential & less traditional for me?!

Camy Tang said...

Emii, the US media tends to hype up V-Day. :) I sent your bookmarks so you should get them soon!

Rebekah, that's a great idea! I'm glad you're spreading that around to others, too!

Savannah--you have a great attitude about it! Don't let criticism from others sway you from depending more completely on Jesus.