Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting into College

Greetings!!! I've had college on the brain because I'm writing a book right now for high school seniors.

And today The New York Times has the college admission statistics up and it's a rather fascinating list. I remember when I was getting ready to head off to college and everyone made those lists: the dream schools, hopeful schools and the safety schools. My dream school was Vassar. It was close to New York City, had an amazing theater program and I spent a weekend there that made me think I could totally fit in with all those crazy people. But I didn't get in (which I'm guessing my parents were pretty happy about since the price ticket for Vassar was very steep.) I had excellent grades and strong SAT's so I was pretty bummed - why didn't I get in? It could have been any number of things but I know now that my life would have been drastically different had it been an acceptance letter rather than a rejection letter.

When I applied for college I was still a practicing witch. I didn't know I'd go away to college, end up with Christian roommates and be found by God. College changed much more than my academic resume. It changed my whole world. And after college I stayed in my same college town and met the guy who would become my husband.

Getting into college is one thing - but how do you choose? How do you know where it is you're supposed to go?

If we believe that God knows a lot more than we do, then we have to be willing to listen to His Spirit when making decisions. He knows the beginning from the end. He's got the whole plan. So He most definitely has the answers we need. It's great to make those lists - figure out the schools that you'd love to go to, and schools that you'd be okay going to. But God can lead us in amazing - and surprising - ways if we will just be willing to listen and believe.


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