Sunday, April 03, 2011

Is He Dating Material?

A few days ago I was chatting with a twenty-something-year-old. Her blue eyes were all sparkly and shiny. I told her she looked happy. She said, "I am."

"Are you dating anyone?" I said.


"Tell me about him."

As soon as she started talking about him, I knew I wanted to blog about it. She said that they're hours apart, and he doesn't mind the long drive to visit her. He must consider dating her a privilege. She said he likes to take her out to nice places. Then she said her parents really like him a lot. She also admires him.

So....I started thinking. What's the flip side of a healthy dating relationship? How does it feel to be dating a not-so-good guy?

Maybe he puts you down.
Or he's selfish.
Or you get this weird feeling that he doesn't want the best for you.
Maybe your parents aren't too thrilled with him.
Or maybe he's cheated on you.
Maybe his temper scares you.
Or you feel sorta sad after hanging out with him.
Or he doesn't do kind things for you like open doors.
Sometimes you don't feel too special when you're around him.
Maybe he's way too jealous. Too possessive.

Is he dating material? Listen to your heart. Pray. Ask God to guide you. It matters to Him. You matter to Him.

P.S. My dear friend Robin let me use this fabric picture from her blog.



Nicole said...

Love this list! Such great advice for all women!!

Julie Garmon said...

Thanks Nicole. :-)