Sunday, March 27, 2011


Camy here! Let me tell you what happened yesterday.

It should have been a great Saturday afternoon bowling. The youth group was planning a major tournament of staff versus kids and competition was going to be fierce. Trash talking abounded and we adult staff members had our reputations to defend.

But that day turned out to be very rainy and when we arrived at the bowling alley, not only was there a birthday party there, but other families had come to bowl since the weather was bad. There were no lanes available.

Instead, we recruited a few parents and some college students who'd shown up to be drivers, and everyone went to Nickel City, a video game arcade. It ended up being a fun outing.

I admit I got kind of frazzled with the last-minute organizing, and I remembered ruefully about how our plans are not always God’s plans. I always thought the verse referred to "big plans" like what career to go into or whether to buy a house. A foiled bowling trip seemed like something too trivial for God to want to bother himself with, and something I could handle by myself.

But I think the point of the verse wasn't about big plans or little plans. God wants us to realize that plans can and will always change, and that He is the one in charge. And sometimes we have to relinquish our sense of control and be flexible.
Jesus talked about the rich fool who built barns for his abundance of grain, making plans to eat, drink, and be merry, but he died the next day (Luke 12). His plans took a major U-turn. His plans weren’t God’s plans.

So how’s your flexibility? Does it need work? Pray for Jesus to help you relinquish control and be flexible.

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