Friday, May 27, 2011


Camy here, and today I have a question for you guys.

I know most of you are in your teens and twenties, so you’re a bit more technologically “with it” than, say, me. Most of my generation is only slowly being won over by the Kindle and Nook and other ereaders, but how about you guys?

Do you prefer ebooks or print books?

I personally have been completely won over by ebooks. Mostly because my house is very small and I fully admit that I am a book collector. I love having books even though I probably own more books than I can read in my lifetime. I just like having them and having the POSSIBILITY of reading them someday.

Let’s not go into the abnormal psychology of that statement and instead focus on what we all love, books!

Before the birth of the Kindle (yes, I was alive at that time) I bought lots of used books on ebay and at garage sales and at the Salvation Army. You can’t really beat the price, usually a book for a buck.

But now that I have thousands of books (yes, you read that right, thousands--I’m almost ashamed to admit that) I no longer have room in my little house for MORE books.

(Yes, I do need MORE BOOKS. We mentioned abnormal psychology earlier, right?)

I try to read the Love Inspired Suspense books each month to keep up with the line, since, well, they’re my publisher. But even if I give away the books after I’m done (which I do under extreme pain and suffering, but I do it because I have to--refer back to the very small house) I still don’t have room for the books I haven’t read yet since I don’t always read steadily. I usually read in spurts. (I know some of you totally relate to that, right?)

Enter the ebook. (Cue angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus!)

I now buy all the latest Love Inspired Suspense books on ebook and they’re stored neatly away in my Nook. They don’t take any shelf space. They don’t get dusty or dirty. (And as a sidebar, while I’ll read used books, I don’t really like doing it because they tend to smell and have nasty-feeling stains on the covers--yuck!)

Also, I can carry a variety of books with me wherever I go, so I can pick a book to read depending on my mood at the time. Before, I’d go on vacation and pack literally a stack of books to read because I wanted a choice depending on my mood. Now, I just pack my Nook.

Plus, I have my Bible on my Nook, which saves a little space in my suitcase since you all know your Bible is not a small book. And I can have a Bible with me wherever I take my Nook.

Okay, so that’s my gushing about ebooks. How about you guys? Do you prefer ebooks or print books?

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. Out now is her humorous contemporary romance Sushi series and her romantic suspense, Formula for Danger. In her spare time, she is a staff worker for her church youth group, and she leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service. On her blog, she ponders dogs, knitting and spinning wool, running, Asiana, and other frivolous things. Sign up for her quarterly newsletter for giveaways!

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Emii said...

I actually don't have an iPad or any of those things to read ebooks on. To be honest, reading blog posts and Facebook statuses is as much as I like to read on a screen. I don't know, I just like reading books. :)

Brandy said...

Personally I have to say I love e-books. I love the freedom of the options inside the smaller package. It feels similar to what laptops did for older/ larger computers.

The interesting thing about e-books is that I do not have an e-book reader at this present time. I downloaded a free kindle application on my android phone and tada! Its not that I wouldn't love to have a proper e-book reader but when you are a single mother and work part time you take the free application on your phone and be happy with that.

Even more interesting is that at the time I did that kindle had a deal going on where I could download your book Sushi for One? for free. Having no previous knowledge of the series I was intrigued by the title. I was coming home from trying sushi for the first time in my life and thought it had to be more that irony.

Now to gush about you and your books a bit. I love the series by the way. I am 28 years old out of interest. I think your writing style is invigorating. I feel so pulled into your books. Its like I have gone on my own personal journey, floating around in someones life as its lived out. The way you write paints the scene out in my head and my heart. Bless you for your writing.