Sunday, May 01, 2011

Guess What??

Ever have people do that to you and you have no idea where to even start your guessing? Well, I won't make you do that - I'll just tell you!

I've been busy behind the scenes here working with a fabulous designer to get our Girls, God & the Good Life blog a whole new look! I'm so excited because I've been wanting to do this for a very long time!

So while I'm working on that - would you do me a favor? I want to hear from you!! One of the sections I want to work on having is a fabulous resource section! So today I want to know what your favorite websites are! They could be informative, inspirational or just plain fun - I want to hear about them all (tell me why you like it too!)

And if you're a teen or twenty-something that blogs, let us know that too!


Sarah Anne Sumpolec writes, speaks and blogs for teens and twenty somethings. Find out more about her and her YA book series, Becoming Beka, at her website!


Danielle said...

I'm not a teen or 20-something, but I do have a ministry for 8-14 year olds and I just began a blog for them. I'd love for you to look at and maybe link through your blog...?

Sierra said...

Go Teen Writers (Stephanie Morrill) and Jenny B. Jones's blog. I do a book blog on which I do reviews.Sierra's Booklist.
Love Unawakened is a great purity blog.( That is all I can think of right now.Sierra P.S. Hope that was what you wanted :)

Nicole said...

Would love to have you include Project Inspired ( on your website. It's a really positive and fun resource for teen girls! I've been told I give great beauty tips too!

Emii said...

I like to read the Lies Young Women Believe blog. --

Go Teen Writers -- but I'm sure you're already putting that up there. Because it's awesome. :D

I blog :)

If I think of more, I'll be sure to post!

And a specially designed blog? How. Cool. I'm looking forward to it!:D

Tay said...

Oooh! I'm looking forward to seeing this newly designed blog!

Here are some sites I love:
Jenny B. Jones' blog (so funny!)
Ginger Ciminello (love her!)
Ashley Mays' blog (love her too!)

sarah said...
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sarah said...

I have a blog called Girls on God's Team. I share it with my best friend, and it would be great for others to read it and spread the news. URL is: