Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mom, Listen to This

Last week my almost twenty-year-old son was on the computer. "Mom, come here. Listen to this."

"This guy's playing the words and the melody," my son said. "I've never heard anybody do that before--play them both at the same time."

As I sat there listening, something pretty amazing struck me. This guy is incredibly talented.

And then another thought came.

I'm talented too.

Sometimes I feel ordinary and average. Nope, I can't play the guitar. I can't draw. I don't paint. Or sew (although I'm learning to knit). I'm terrible at math. A lot of times I lose my car in the grocery store parking lot. And I really, really can't sing.

But I write with my heart. I work hard at it. I asked my husband what talents he sees in me. He said, "You're kind. You're a good listener. You're a really good cook. When we have people over, you make them feel at home."

I smiled.

I'm praying that the Lord will use me and my talents (and spiritual gifts) to bring Him glory.

How about you? How are you talented? If you're not sure, ask someone who loves you. I think it honors Him for us to go ahead and admit the our talents, even though it feels a little bit awkward (at least for me).



Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Great post, Julie. As St. Paul stated, there are many gifts among the Church and they all have equal value. They are all important to its success. Not all talents are "marektable" like Sungha Jung's, but that doesn't diminish their importance. And, yes, being humble about our talents means being honest and stating, "Yes, I can do that" when asked.

Anonymous said...

wow. this message is so relevant to me! I was actually disappointed with myself yesterday because I am not very athletic.thanks for posting. I am going to remind myself of the ways God has blessed me.Thanks!

Julie Garmon said...

Yay, so glad it help you! Thanks for writing. Surely being athletic isn't the only talent that counts--I hope not. :-0

And so good to read your comment Cecilia!