Friday, August 05, 2011

An Incredible Survival Story

I received an exciting package in the mail the other day—a copy of Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson and Susy Flory. You may have heard of Michael and his Guide Dog Roselle, who survived the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center by descending 78 flights of stairs then narrowly escaping being crushed by Tower Two. Mike and Roselle have appeared on CNN’s Larry King and many other television shows. Thunder Dog portrays their 9/11 experience in powerful detail, while also weaving in key events from Mike’s unique upbringing, raised by parents who refused to treat their blind son as handicapped. Scenes include Mike frightening neighbors by riding his bike around town unattended, driving a car around his college campus, and even accepting an offer to fly an airplane. During his escape from the World Trade Center, we see the tight bond between Guide Dog and handler prove lifesaving, as well as experiencing the faith, courage, and perseverance that kept Mike, Roselle, and many others going on that terrifying day.

Susy Flory (a friend of mine) introduced me to Mike and Roselle several months ago, so I have a special interest in this book. Immediately, I found myself inspired by Mike, not only because of his incredible story, but much more so because of his enthusiastic spirit and his commitment to educating the public about living with blindness. As he puts it, there is very little that the blind and visually impaired can’t do, we simply do things differently. As one who has been visually impaired since birth, his attitude and outlook makes me want to get out there and try more than I have already!

If you are looking for an exciting, inspiring book to wrap up your summer, look for Thunder Dog at your local bookstore or on Amazon. You might even fall in love with Guide Dogs like my youngest son and I did.


Sierra said...

I've heard this book was good.A friend reviewed it.I thought that it would be fun to read since I've loved guide dogs since I was 10.I'll so have to check it out!Sierra
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Anonymous said...

this sounds very interesting! thanks for sharing!