Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Camy here! Okay, I have to admit I’m in a cleaning phase right now.

It seems like when my house and my office is messy, then my thoughts are messy and I just can’t work. I don’t know what the correlation is, but when I see clutter all over my office, I just can’t seem to concentrate on work very well.

But you know what the weird thing was? I didn’t realize this until a few years ago. So all those years in school when I had a hard time concentrating when I was supposed to be studying might be because my room was habitually a disaster area.

So here is some wisdom, learned almost 20 years too late--clean your room, and you might be able to study a bit better. Simple, yes?

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Camy Tang said...

So, confess--did you already know this magical secret? What do you do to help you concentrate better?

Emii said...

Oh, I know what you mean! It's like, I clean up the bookshelves and dust them and straighten up the books and pick everything up off of the floor and the pillows sitting nicely... I suddenly feel cleaner and peaceful-er (excuse the made-up word) and, well, I just so get it!

Trinka said...

Ahhhhh....welllllll, no I didn't know that.... But thanks so much, 'cause I'm homeschooled and tend to do my work in my room. :)

PS: My little word verification thing right now is frappe...I could really go for one of those right now! :)

Camy Tang said...

Emii--I totally need a clean floor, too!

Trinka--hey, that's great! I hope this tip helps you study better!

Katie Hart - Freelance Writer said...

I find things are just the opposite for me - at least with writing, not studying. I can't write in a clean room. I think it makes me feel like what I'm writing has to be perfect to match the room, which paralyzes my creativity.

Camy Tang said...

Now that's interesting! I never thought of that.