Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keep Hoping

For this child we prayed...

It's been a little quiet on my end lately.

Well, not quiet for me. But quiet from me.

 We have spent the last several weeks 
spending time with
and thanking God for 
the fulfillment of our prayers:

I don't know
who you are -
or what you're going through today.

But I do know 
God has placed dreams
in your heart
for a reason.

Keep hoping.
Keep believing.
And keep knowing...

He is able.

*Photographs by Ken Hale


prov3130grl said...

now I am crying... Congratulations! I have been praying and praying for a baby, but it hasn't happened yet. Thank you for the reminder! ~ Andi

Anonymous said...

I love these photos. She is too beautiful for words. <3

Trinka said...

Awwwwww! Is that your baby? She's adorable!!!! I just want to stare at that picture. :) Congratulations!

Betsy St. Amant said...


Stephanie Morrill said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations :)

Bekah said...

Andi - I'm about to leave a comment on your site...

Debbie - Thanks, Chicka!

And thanks to you too, Trinka, Betsy, and Stephanie.