Friday, February 24, 2012

Do you have it all?

I was thinking earlier about the title of this Blog - Girls, God, Good Life - and what that means to me.

Girls - well, I got this. I AM a girl, obviously, and love girly stuff. Vintage dresses, flowery shoes, shiny purses, sparkly lipgloss. (of course I also love driving my husband's big jacked-up, diesel, Dodge Ram 4x4 with the windows down and blasting Miranda Lambert but that's another story) ::wink::

God - well, I got Him too. I don't understand Him, but I HAVE Him. In my heart, because of His Son Jesus. Do you? (if you want to know more about how to have a relationship with Jesus, please email me

And Good Life - well, sometimes I wonder. Ever have those days? What exactly is a good life anyway? Jesus said in the Bible He came to give us life, and life more abundantly.

Some days I get that. Sometimes I get to sleep in, and my toddler acts more like a mature young adult than a selfish 3 year old, and I beat my personal goals at the gym, and I turn in a newspaper article before deadline, and I get news of a new book contract, and I only lose my temper once instead of a dozen times - and I actually remember to blog. (lol) And my husband and I have a romantic moment and I catch up on the phone with an old friend and I get to snag a cupcake and I think - why yes, this life is abundant indeed.

But that's not what Jesus meant.

I think He meant He came to give us abundant life THROUGH Him. And that definition is often (okay, usually almost always) different than our definition. Maybe He meant for it involve cupcakes and kisses and best friends and happy toddlers. But I think He meant for it to mean in our souls. Contentment, despite life. Joy, despite circumstances. Trust, despite strife.

That's not easy, but we can get there because of Jesus.

And we can take it a step further like He intended by living our lives with purpose. THAT'S the good life - not just being a girl, not just having God in our lives, but by figuring 0ut how those two things combine - for our good, and His glory.

How can we be a woman/girl in today's society and shine for Christ? How can we take the gifts/talents He supplied us with and do something we're called to do? Is it writing? Is it art? Is it being a good friend/encourager? Is it preaching the Word? Is it teaching others and being a positive role model? What is it?

Whatever that means for you - That's abundant life. Living for Jesus, wholeheartedly, with all that is within us as women.

So what do you need to change in your life today to live the Good Life? Do you need to make that phone call you've been putting off? Do you need to hit send on that novel proposal you've been preparing? Do you need to join that club or sign up for that class or send an email to someone that's been on your heart? Do you need to spend more time with Jesus in the Word and prayer? Do you need to mail that check to someone who you know is in dire need?

Think about it. Pray about it. and LIVE.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is just what I needed today!! I love the truck!