Saturday, April 14, 2012

Isaiah’s Song (Holy Lord)

Little known fact: I used to sing in Testimony A Cappella group when I was at Stanford University. It was a fantastic experience because it was the first time I ever met Christians my age who truly loved Jesus. I was a baby Christian and I learned so much about walking with Jesus from my fellow Testimony members.

This is one of the songs we sang, although we were definitely not as good as the Maranatha Singers. Our soloist was Luke, and while the rest of us were only so-so, Luke was flippin’ awesome.

I love this song because of the amazing sense of worship I feel. Do you have songs that do that for you, too?

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Deer Little Mysteries said...

I used to be in a ladies quartet. Nothing is more beautiful then hearing different voices completely exposed, worshiping Jesus.



Kenzie said...

The song "Love song for a Savior" by Jars of Clay has a special spot in my heart. There are so many different aspects to that song that tie to my life. Not just in the lyrics. But really its the story of my life as a Christian. I started off as a little girl who loved Jesus but after awhile, I was so bored with being a Christian. I looked at it as a religion, not a relationship. Then after much searching for God, I finally could run back to him with open arms. When I first heard this song, I waved it off and didnt really care. The second time I heard it was right after (literally) I found God again. It just felt like God had sent me that song. Nearly every verse in the song is my life, and I will always treasure it. :)