Friday, August 24, 2012

Know-it-all's Really Don't Know It At All

I can be a know-it-all. Can you?

It's pretty easy. I guess its human nature. People like to know things, to know more than others, to feel special or elevated or in the know. We like to hear the gossip first and pass it on so we feel popular by having the scoop before anyone else. We like to feel included. We like to feel smart.

Human nature, yes - but that doesn't mean it's right or ok. ;)

I have definitely been there before, and guess what?

I've passed it down to my daughter.

And ummm let me say - the only thing possibly more aggravating than a know-it-all is a 4 year old know-it-all!! :)

Sometimes I'll tell her something and she will immediately argue the opposite, whether she knows or has a clue or not. It's this automatic defense in her. "Little Miss, the counter is wet." "No it's not." Long pause and wet hand. "Oh" - sheepish giggle "You're right".

Other times she'll argue 'til I give up from sheer exhaustion. Future lawyer, perhaps? :)

I think the majority of her issue comes from not just wanting to argue but truly believing in her own head that SHE'S right. Despite the fact that I'm 24 years older than she is and not completely stupid myself. ::eye roll:: It can definitely get frustrating, and I'm trying to work with her on this. "Believe mama," I say. "Trust me. I know things. I've been around a lot longer. I see the whole picture." Sometimes it works and she consents. Other times, we change the subject for peace.

The other day I was in the middle of this with her and it hit me HARD.

How often do we do this same thing to God? How often do I argue with God? Insist I know more or know better than He does, even subconsciously? Insist my way is best, my knowledge higher?

Bottom line - He's right. And I'm wrong. Or at the very least, confused.

I have to trust Him just like I want Little Miss to trust me.

He sees the whole picture. I only see it in part. Just like Little Miss only sees from her 4 year old perspective, I only see from my selfish, earthly perspective.

Can you relate?

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Anonymous said...

Once again, great post. Really put things in perspective. When things don't go our way, we try to explain to God that it should have. However, He knows what he's doing. Thanks for the message!