Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School

Some of you may have already started back to school. I know colleges are back in session and some states start in August.

A few of you may have this one last weekend before you hit the hallways.

I was always nervous about going back to school. I never went to any school for more than 2 years in a row (until high school). One year I went to three different schools in two different states. That was second grade. It's a miracle I ever learned anything at all!

My kids have the opposite problem. Same kids year after year. And I've learned neither is easy. We all have challenges. In every school, there's that one mean girl who makes life extra miserable (you know exactly who I'm talking about).

And while some of you are probably homeschooled, I'll bet that there are challenges with that as well.

But challenges are made to be conquered. God has created us to be overcomers. But overcoming happens one step at a time, getting up every day and choosing to overcome rather than be conquered. Christ can help us if we're willing to see things through His eyes instead of our own.

So today, and every day, what's one thing you can do to try and have a different perspective?

Maybe you'll pray for that mean girl every morning.

Maybe you'll try and make a new friend.

Maybe you'll be more faithful to study every night.

Maybe you'll pray for that teacher who is getting on your nerves.

Maybe you'll run for student office so that your voice can be heard.

Maybe you'll try a new sport or activity this year.

Maybe you'll walk away from a bad influence.

What will you do? How will you take the next step?

Blessings to you,

Sarah Anne Sumpolec writes for teens and has a series called Becoming Beka where you'll get to know Beka Madison as she navigates high school. Check it out here:


Anonymous said...

Pray for my friends going into high school and collage, takeing a big step forward in life!

Jessica Zelli said...

This was what I needed. I do homeschool and you wouldn't believe how much I have to go through because I'm considered a 'freak'. Thank you so much, Sarah, this was really encouraging and motivating! :)