Wednesday, February 22, 2006

new life

Last night I sat in the altar with three youth. We were surrounded by three hundred people, but I saw no one else but them. Josh is just out of his teens. Brandy is 18. Brianna is 17.

Life hasn't been easy for any of them. Brandy lives with a friend because home isn't a great place to be. Brianna is 17 going on 100 because she's seen too much too soon.

I talked with them, listening to their stories, to their hunger for something better. Josh moved closer so I could pray with him. I placed my hands on his forearm and I felt them.

Scars. Lots of them.

I kept my hand there. Why? I don't know, except I felt God's presence. As if his scars -- taken on the cross -- were big enough to cover the wounds on Josh's arm.

Josh crumpled and placed his head on my shoulder, like he was 6 instead of 20 and began to weep.

He felt God, too.

This is what I love most about faith. New life. God wrapping himself around a life and breathing in purpose and healing and peace.

Afterward, Josh and Brandy and Brianna hugged me.

"I feel so amazing," Brianna said.

Yeah, I love that too.

I love ministry. I love watching God at work.

I love seeing new life.

If you think about it today, will you pray for three brand new followers of Christ. My new friends.


Samantha said...

I will pray, because I'm them. All three of them.
We all are.

AnnaK said...

Wow, that's a pretty incredible story.

Thanks for giving me the link to this blog.


Jeanne Damoff said...

Praying now, Suzie. Thanks for sharing this.