Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

One of my gifts is a copy of Nanny McPhee. Well-acted, well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable movie. I watched it by myself with the subtitles on so I wouldn't miss any of those lovely lines. I'm a little hard of hearing.
One theme in the movie was that we often don't know what is going to work out the best. I'm not going to spoil any of the delightful twists of the plot, but over and over, what looked like a good plan backfired or produced an unsuspected profit. It reminded me of the many times I've gone down a road, thinking I knew exactly where I was going. Of course, the difference between what we think will happen and what actually does can be slightly off the mark or widely divergent. That can make life fun or miserable.

Thank you, God, for traveling this life with us. I know You are never surprised.


Mitali Perkins said...

Hi Donita,

Did you know that both of us have books shortlisted on the Nevada Young Readers Award list? It's fun to see our names listed together like that. Congrats to you!


b said...

Nanny McPhee is a really fun movie with an great message. Happy Mother's Day!