Monday, May 21, 2007


Dreams. It's a word we hear tossed about a lot. Dare to dream. Dream big!

But what if stuff gets in the way of your dreams? I'm a writer. I know that I'm exactly where God has called me to be, but I'm positive that every one of the authors on this blog will tell you what I have discovered to be true: dreams don't always happen the way we think they should.

I write. I work 40 or more hours a week. I connect with readers. I pray. I study. And yet in spite of all those "I do's", sometimes my dreams seem far, far away. I look at results and I wonder if I need to work harder, market better, or if somehow I've failed.

And yet God made me a promise. He said he'd be with me--every day, every step of the way. He said he had a plan for me, and for you, and for my friend Sarah Sumpolec and every other writer on this blog.

This is the deal. Sometimes the unveiling of dreams are made up of many pieces, like a portrait, and the ups and downs of achieving those dreams are part of the fulfillment. God is with me when I hit the brick walls of the publishing world. God is with me when people are saying my name and "successful author or speaker" in the same breath. God is with me when I'm alone in my home office and I'm praying for fresh content. He's with me when I don't know if the mail will bring enough income to make it through the month. He's with me when I'm sitting in an altar with my arms wrapped around a teen and praying.

He's with me. That's the key. And he's with you too as you pursue your dreams.

PS: I wrote a curriculum lesson for teens for Cook Ministries about "I Have a Dream". I hope you'll check it out.

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