Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Promise Ring

A few days ago I heard this story ...

A teen boy bought a ring for the girl he cares about. Since they both don't really believe in dating, he just wanted to find a way to share how much he cares ... and let her knows that he hopes their friendship will grow into something more in the future.

He gave her what he called a "Promise Ring." What did he promise???

This guy told this girl that he promised to love her not as men love, because that could lead them both into taking steps they're not ready for yet, including a physical relationship.

Instead, he promised, "To love you and honor you as Jesus would."

Wow, tears filled my eyes as I heard that. (Especially since the guy in this story is my 17-year-old son.) That is one great promise!

Think about the guy you are dating. Or even the guy you like. Would he make a promise to love you and to honor you (your emotions, heart, body) like Jesus would?

It's something to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so glad you told us about that! The idea of a promise ring is by far the best idea i've heard in so long...I know that dating and all the bad stuff that goes along with it in college and especially high school can't be all that pleasing to God, but i'd never of someone solving the problem perfectly. You must be so proud of your son for setting such an AMAZING example to the world! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!