Saturday, May 19, 2007

From Jeanette: Can I Borrow Your Eyes?

Nathan, my 5-year-old is currently obsessed with what I can and can’t see, especially when it comes to colors.

“Can you see this is blue, Mom?”

“No. My eyes don’t work the same way that yours do.” I’ve tried to explain that I see everything like a black and white picture but he doesn’t quite get it.

Several times over the weekend he asked, “Can I borrow your eyes?”

“Believe me, you wouldn’t want them.”

“Can you borrow mine?”

I laughed. “I might not want to give them back.”

It’s pretty to sweet to observe him trying to figure out the workings of Mommy’s vision. The other day, while getting dressed, he held up the T-shirt that I’d handed him and said, “This is red, Mom.” As with my older son, he’ll probably become extremely color conscious.

Colors have always fascinated me. People often try to explain them—comparing them to textures, emotions, personality traits, etc. And it really works! For a moment I’m almost convinced that I understand color. I look forward to getting to heaven when I’ll see more amazing shades and hues than I ever missed on earth. But for now I’m limited to what my normally sighted friends tell me.

So, would you like to give it a try? I found this beautiful picture of a sunset on the Internet. What do the colors look like?

I look forward to your descriptions!



Erin said...

The only words I can think of to describe the sunset are "soft" and "moody".

Katie Hart said...

Yes, this doesn't really look like a typical sunset shot, all happy and fiery. This is a muted sunset, like a day ending without fanfare. The palms are black against the sky, and the clouds are gray and tinged with a bit of light that seems to be in the process of tucking itself away. This clouded light makes the water look alien, as if pausing before a storm.

Jeanette H said...

Thanks for these great descriptions! They're keepers.

Love you,

onwords said...

It's like Baroque music in a minor key approaching a crescendo.