Thursday, September 06, 2007

Watch Out--Surprises Ahead

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the guy who’s made it big just by fooling around in front of his webcam lip-syncing a song by O-Zone. After uploading, it got a phenomenal number of hits. In his interviews, he admits he never imagined—through that one spontaneous, uninhibited moment just being himself—he’d become so well-known. In fact, bordering on rich and famous.

Or, how about the woman who posted an honest, side-splitting-funny story on eBay about a trip to the grocery store with her six kids. During one of her many distracted moments while shopping, one (or two or three) of her children snuck a pack of Pokemon cards into the grocery cart. She missed seeing them and decided not to reward her children for the act but to sell them on eBay (no, no—the cards, not her children). Not only did she get a fairly decent price, she—due to the wit of her creative post and her equally humorous blog—has publishers and agents begging her to sign on to write a book.

There are those like the eBay mom and the numa-numa guy, and then there are the rest of us. How many times have we worked dog hard at something that no one noticed or appreciated? And I mean, we really, really tried our best.

I’m actually growing kind of fond of those “unappreciated” moments. I’m finding there’s a lot of freedom in letting go of the results, applause, or impact of what I do.

Yes, I fully believe God wants us to celebrate the amazing things that happen. He enjoys celebrating with us.

But the problem is those crazy expectations we all have. You know—“I’ve gotta be that or else,” or “I wish that woulda happened to me,” or even “Why didn’t anyone notice and say something?” Those types of expectations.

You have a new school year ahead. I have a few new directions I’m heading too. If you’re up for the challenge, how ‘bout joining me in a little experiment over the next eight or nine months?

We may not ever experience numa-numa or eBay fame (or fame of any sort), but we can enjoy being who we are, expressing fully who God created us to be. And we can then be surprised and celebrate what God does with it—in even the small ways. Especially those.

I just might check back in with you. I’ll definitely be praying for you.

Have an amazing and surprise-filled year . . . just being yourself.



Timothy Fish said...

I believe it is in those "unappreciated" moments that the hand of God is the most clearly seen. If we are so transparent that no one takes notice of us then they can't help by see God who is working through us. Although, I like to get noticed more than I should.

Jan Kern said...

Excellent point, Timothy--being transparent and letting God be who people see.

And don't we all want to get noticed more than we should!