Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Release

When I started writing the Live Free series, I didn't know how tough it would be or where it would take me or the others who participated. None of us knew when we started talking about issues like self-injury and sexual compromise how hard it would be to tell some of the stories--but oh, how much it was needed. Sometimes there were healing tears. Often there was hope: "Maybe someone, by knowing my story, won't have to go through what I did," and even more,"Maybe others will begin to believe there is a way out for them too."

March 3rd, the second in the series released. Seduced by Sex, Saved by Love--A Journey Out of False Intimacy is the true story of a young woman named Suzy. Others also offered their stories and perspectives for the book--both girls and guys.

I think the best way I can introduce it to you is through Suzy's letter, included in the book:

In my one chance to address you directly, there are so many things I want to say. I want you to know I am praying for you. I want you to know that I know what it feels like to look at your own life, and despise what you see, feel trapped in who you’ve become and the cycle of compromises you’ve made.

Dear friend, I have made choices in my life where, I thought for sure there was no turning back. The consequences were detrimental at best, and often I was left with gaping wounds in the depths of my soul.

What can I tell you that will make a difference? I can only pray God reaches through my story and touches your life for the better.

An important point for me to make is that you haven’t gone where God will not go. He is in active pursuit of you. Sometimes we think we need to clean up our lives to come to him. Not so. If you are in the muck, turn around. He is there.

In the midst of all my facades, lies, promiscuity, self-destruction, and selfishness, the God of sinners pulled me to himself, set my feet on solid ground, wiped off the dirt, and began to make me whole. If he can do that for me, then he can do that—and even more, if needed—for you.

Read more about Seduced by Sex, Saved by Love--A Journey Out of False Intimacy at my author blog. Click on "books" in the left column. Just under the book image on that page, you'll also find a link to an excerpt. If you'd like, tell me what you think.

God bless!

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