Friday, December 19, 2008

Girls' Night Out

“I’m hosting a girls’ movie night on the 19th,” My friend Sherry told me last week. “Susan offered to pick you up. Please say you can make it.”

I thought for a second, looked at the calendar and, yay! I could give her a “Yes.”

I have no idea what we are watching and don’t really care. It’s a chance to spend an evening with my girlfriends, watching something that the guys in our lives would most likely roll their eyes at, and eating snacks that they would consider too girlie (the menu is “bring your favorite appetizer”—I’m in charge of bringing something sweet).

Face it, as much as we love our families and think guys are great, sometimes we just need to hang out with the girls. As a wife and mom of 2 boys I am constantly surrounded by testosterone, dirty socks, and bodily functions that double as entertainment (for them anyway). If I happen to have time to do my nails I usually have the dog, a cat, or my six-year-old hovering at my side. If I sneak in a chick flick I have nobody to appreciate it with me. So I have been looking forward to tonight all week long!

When is the last time that you had a girls’ night? Why not plan one during Christmas break? Watch a movie, paint each other’s nails, listen to music, or do whatever spells fun for you. To make it even more enjoyable, how about adding the following rules:

· No gossiping about people who aren’t there.
· No putting others or yourself down.
· Ban all discussion about the calorie, fat or sugar content of the snacks. If you’re health conscious bring your own food and let everyone else enjoy their junk in peace without slipping in any “do you know what you’re really eating” remarks.
· Eliminate the words “fat,” “diet,” and “weight” from all conversation.
· If one of you is going through a difficult time, has a problem to deal with, or is just having a bad day take a few minutes to make sure she is okay, pray for her, then agree to talk about anything BUT that topic for the rest of the get-together. Sometimes the best thing we can do it set our problems aside for awhile and have fun.

So that’ll make for a pretty quiet night (ha ha). Seriously, see how much fun you can have when you keep the night upbeat. I look forward to hearing your stories. Please leave a comment if you use this idea.

Have a fun-filled break and a glorious Christmas!



Steph said...

My best friend (one of them) and I call it slothfest: I go to her house sometime in the evening and we watch movies until very early the next morning (say 6? :)), then sleep for a few hours, go our for breakfast...and then go back and watch movies all the next day. It's one of the most relaxing 24 hours I've spent in my entire life probably, and great for telling stories and listening to music too. We hold Slothfest at her house because she's an only child and her parents are fabulous and pretty much leave us to our slothing lol

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. this sounds so fun. I haven't had a good girl's night out in a while. Steph, yours sounds absolutely amazing.

Deb said...

I'm incredibly blessed over here. I have three younger sisters and we have all sorts of fun constantly.

One night this week we stayed up until 1am just playing Uno and laughing. We sleep in the same room (bunkbeds - fun!) so we can easily stay up half the night just talking about silly things. :)


Jeanette Hanscome said...

I love all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing them. You know how to have fun :).

Happy New Year,