Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years weight loss

Camy here. Yup, going to try AGAIN to lose weight this year.

I have done all my preparations. I have finally forced my husband to tell me I’M FAT. No “I love you the way you are.” I need the truth or I’ll keep lying to myself that I’m as slender in form as I think of myself in my head.

(Okay, I’m not super fat, I just need to lose 30 pounds, but I’ve been carrying those 30 pounds for close onto 10 years now and haven’t lost any of it.)

New Year = new commitment to portion control.

I suck at portions. Really. So I’m going to really pay more attention to my portions and reduce them little by little.

I’ve been pretty good about walking everyday for 30 minutes with the dog, so I’m going to keep that up. I’m walking faster and faster each week and hopefully will get up to running in a few months if my bad knee can handle it. If not, I’ll just keep walking.

So, let’s go! Who’s with me?

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Camy Tang said...

I also forgot to mention that I need to lose the extra pounds b/c of my cholesterol as well as the stress it puts on my bad knee.

lynnrush said...

OH yeah. I'm with ya. Count me in for about five or so pounds. I feel them creeping up on me.

Oh, and the cholesterol thing, yeah, not so good. My friend started walk/jogging with us Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and her health has improved dramatically....and, she's lost a few pounds too.

So, it's all good.

What's your plan? Morning workouts? Before you start writing for the day? That's what I do, then I don't have to worry about writing late into the night and forgetting to do my work out.

I'm OK on the exercising thing, it's the EATING thing that I suck at. I love sugar, chocolate, anything I'm NOT supposed to eat. So, I gotta get on the heathier foods thing...Oh, and the portion control. Yep, that too!

Camy Tang said...

Thanks, Lynn! And it was good you asked me about a plan, since good intentions aren't enough. I'm walking every afternoon with the dog--brisk walking about 30-40 minutes--and I'm trying to stretch and do situps every morning when I wake up. I'm also making sure to eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. I'm trying not to eat after dinner, too. And I'm going to see if I can do 30 extra minutes of exercise 3 days a week in addition to the walking. I'm not sure if I can swing that last one yet, but I'm going to try.

Jeanette Hanscome said...

Good for you Cami! Although I've always thought you looked great.

I've heard several people say that they dropped 10 pounds almost instantly by giving up soda for water (with a diet soda as a treat now and then).

My weight isn't an issue but I have a terrible attraction to sugar. I love to bake and feel that it is neccesary to have something sweet daily. My sick gallbladder (funny, fatty food is one thing that i don't care for much so you'd think my gallbladder would have been very happy) forced me to make some changes that I held unto after having it removed. I feel much better for them.

You'll do great!


Camy Tang said...

Thanks, Jeanette! Funny about your gall bladder. Funny as in strange, not funny as in haha. I'm hoping I can lose about 20-30 pounds, and that will significantly decrease the stress on my poor knee--the right one has had surgery twice.