Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Randomness & God

I hang out on Facebook a lot. Probably way more than I should. It's fun to find old friends and keep up with others that I wouldn't naturally just call up.

Well, on Facebook there's been a meme going around called "25 Random Facts". It's one of those that you fill out and then tag others to fill out as well. I've been tagged a few times, but I haven't gotten to 25 on my list yet. Seriously - coming up with 25 interesting things is hard!

But that got me thinking about how God might fill out that meme about me. What does he notice about me? Surely, we'd have some overlap. He's very aware that I like flavored coffee and that there are only two mugs that I use. He knows how much I've moved around and how much I hated it. But He also likely notices things about me that I would rather, well, overlook. Like driving. I'm easily frustrated with other drivers. I'm not sure exactly why this is an ongoing problem, except that perhaps I think everyone should obey the rules of the road and so when they don't, I get mad. Probably not the best use of my energy. I'm sure He notices that my time management has been thrown off kilter lately, and that it bothers me.

 Then again, He also notices when I choose to forgive someone who has wronged me. I bet He smiles when I offer grace instead of condemnation. I also think He rejoices even more than I do when I get the chance to offer encouragement and love to those around me.

So yeah, He notices when I mess up, but He's also very aware of each little step I take towards becoming more like Him. That's pretty cool, too. 

So tag, you're it! So what would God notice about you?

Sarah Anne Sumpolec

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Lizana Trestant said...

Wow. This is really reminding me that God loves us the same, whether we're being good or not. :D Great job!