Monday, March 09, 2009

One-Month Challenges

I know March is only about one-third of the way over, but I have two great one-month challenges to suggest for April. Both may take some prep to get them going, so it's not too early to get started.

First, I want to suggest a fall, 2008 fiction release to you: Stepping Into Sunlight, by Sharon Hinck. Along with reading a great book, you can follow the example of the main character, Penny: One act of kindness for someone new each day. I asked Sharon to give us some background:

Do you ever feel like the needs of the world, or your family and friends, are so huge that nothing you do could make a difference? I'm sure the boy with a few fish and loaves of bread thought that when he saw thousands of hungry people. Yet Jesus took the small gift and multiplied it. I recently wrote a novel about a woman who was at her weakest point and had almost nothing to offer others. Yet she found ways to offer small acts of kindness - which changes the lives of those around her, as well as helping her on the journey toward healing. You can read about her adventures in Stepping Into Sunlight, and also join her interactively at the Penny's Project blog, where folks share their own creative ideas for small kind acts.

Okay, here's another challege. How about a writing frenzy?

If you like to write scripts or have wanted to give it a shot, how about completing one in a month? Script Frenzy begins officially on April 1st, and you need to sign up to participate. If you're age 13 and above, go to Script Frenzy's site for details. 12 and under? No problem. Check out Script Frenzy Young Writers Program.

So to recap, here are the challenges:

Challege #1: Read Stepping Into Sunlight, by Sharon Hinck, and create your own Penny's Project for the month of April--one act of kindness for someone new each day.
Challege #2: Write a script in a month.

Choose your challenge and plan to begin on April 1st. Do it with your family. Do it with friends. Whatever you decide, be creative. Remember, you were made in the image of God. Talk about creativity. So no excuses!

Have fun.

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