Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Fear Factor

This week I caught myself getting caught in up rumors about things like swine flu, politics, and whether or not I should be even more careful what I say on Facebook. I ended the week in a funk. It didn’t take long to figure out where my downer mood came from. I had let fear take over. On top of that I was dwelling on things that I couldn’t do anything about and didn’t know were 100% accurate. So I decided to take a break from these topics for awhile. You know what? I feel better already!

Do you occasionally find yourself consumed by fear over all that is going on in the world? Try these tips for reducing the fear factor:
1) Limit your time watching the news and following stories on the Internet. While it’s wise to be informed, dwelling on all that is going wrong isn’t healthy.
2) Make sure you are getting news from credible sources. Remember that some of what we see, hear and read is slanted by media bias or personal opinion, or is purely rumor. Stick to trusted sites, blogs, and news shows.
3) Focus on today. No matter what the news stories tell us we are clueless about tomorrow. Today is all have so we don’t want to waste it. Enjoy the moment and the people you are sharing it with.
4) Remember who is really in control. Take comfort in the promise that God is above all the events, laws, and speculation. Spend extra time with Him when fear tightens its grip.

Ask God to give you peace about the future and to help you trust Him with it.

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