Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Happy 9/09/09!

Are you thinking it's just another day? No, not at all. First of all, part of the fun of it is realizing how rare it is to have one number line up for the month, day, and year. You'll never experience another 9/09/09 in your lifetime.

Still feeling like it's just another day? Well then, change that! Do something unusual for you. Try something new. Use the number nine!

Need some ideas?

1. Plan for you and eight friends to go out for ice-cream, coffee, or whatever you love doing together.
2. Choose nine favorite causes and plan to do something for them over the next nine months.
3. Pick nine of your Facebook friends that could use encouragement and write on their wall or send them a private note telling them how important they are to you.
4. Make a list or stack of nine books you'd like to read next. (Hint: If you're stumped, choose from the books written by authors represented on Girls, God and the Good Life.)
5. Get creative and change nine things about your bedroom or any other favorite hang-out room in your home--nine changes that will make you smile!
6. Pick nine songs that you absolutely love and that characterize what you can celebrate about your life. Create a playlist.
7. In your best calligraphy, write out nine scriptures that can be great challenge reminders for you during this school year. Display them in your bedroom or any place where you'll see them often.
8. List nine of your talents and strengths--those special gifts that demonstrate the unique way God has made you. For each, come up with new ways you will use those strengths to help others and serve God.
9. This one is up to you! I'd love to see (at least) nine new ideas coming from YOU, the readers of Girls, God and the Good Life. You are creative! You are wonderful! Let's hear your ideas of how you can use the number nine and celebrate the life God has given you!

Enjoy the day!

Then keep it going. Look for ways to bring encouragement, celebration, and joy into every day!



Debra said...

I loved this! Your post inspired me to write a meme asking readers to share nine things about their day. You can find the post on my personal blog - :)


Jan Kern said...

I'm glad this prompted some more creativity. Loved your post too, Deb!

Okay, for others reading this, it's now AFTER 9/09/09, but it's not too late to have fun with any of the ideas listed above.

Go for it!