Friday, October 09, 2009

A New Pair of Glasses

I am currently laughing my head off . . . at myself.

I heard a potential cat fight, so I stepped outside to check on my cats. The antagonizer—a neighbor cat—scurried out of a tree and took off, hopefully for its own home. And then I looked around for my cats.

At the bottom of a hill, I saw some movement in the berry bushes (we live in the country). The fur was lighter than my cats'. The animal seemed to hunker down and then stand up, and I wondered if it was a shy kitten or some other creature I couldn’t recognize from where I stood. I made my way down the incline to check it out. Amazingly, the animal didn’t seem skittish. It didn’t run. As I got closer, I realized it was a plastic bag caught in the tangle of weeds, blowing in the breeze.

Okay, a new pair glasses may be needed.

Here’s something that takes a different pair of glasses—the kind that helps our hearts see the needs around us and how we can meet those needs like Jesus might.

Enjoy and be inspired:

Tangle video: The Hand that Steadies the Plate

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