Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being Clay

I’m not what you would call an adaptable person.

Like I have this friend, Rachel (pictured above, on the left) who you can plop down anywhere, and she’s just fine. Small town, Kansas? Sure. Denmark, when she doesn’t speak a word of Danish? Bring it on. Rural California? Not a problem. She’s equally comfortable with the elderly, teens, and kids. She does things that I would never in a million years consider doing, like taking a group of girls in the youth group out for a camping trip to teach them wilderness skills. (This is why Rach is a fabulous youth coach, because I’d be like, “Hey, let’s all hang out at my place and read.” I don’t voluntarily put myself in situations where I won't have access to a bathroom.)

I long to be adaptable like Rachel. The girl really is the “clay” the Bible talks about, and she’s willing to take whatever shape she needs to for God to use her in her current circumstances.

I, on the other hand… Well, I’m willing to do what God asks, but only if my coffee pot can come too. And if I’ll still have time to read. And if I can bring my shampoo, because my hair gets really gross without it…

I like to set conditions. Which really sucks, because that’s an easy way to miss out on something great that God has in store. So I’m currently praying that God would make me more adaptable. And it’s scary to not add anything onto that, like, “Make me more adaptable, but, um, could you go easy at first? You know, baby steps?” Because unfortunately God won’t just—poof!—make me a more adaptable person. He’ll do it by stretching me. I’m not a fan of being stretched, but I do like the results.

Anybody else out there getting stretched at the moment?

Stephanie Morrill


Intercontinental Girl said...

Totally understand where you are coming from! Have just started going to a new church, and I know it is going to be a year of stretching and being put out of my comfort zone.

Recently, I went on a wine tasting tour at a vineyard and the winemaker told us that the vines need to be trimmed down and be "tricked" to feel like they are under a state of attack. When the plant is in this state, that's when it produces some of this best fruit because it needs to in order to survive.

So maybe spiritual stretching is something like that - it is hard to grow when we are just cruising along - we need to be challenged and have a certain amount of pressure put on us in order to produce awesome fruit.

Stephanie Morrill said...

What a great analogy! Thank you so much for sharing.