Friday, January 29, 2010


The state of the economy is having a really weird impact on my decisions, goals, and dreams lately. I’m finding it interesting . . . and hard. I’m guessing I’m not alone in this. Have you felt it too?

Stepping back and taking a look at it, I notice that a few years ago it seemed easier to pursue my passions, to believe that the ways I most desired to serve and work would . . . just happen. They often did. I prayed and worked hard, so it wasn’t like it came without sweat and dedicated effort.

Now, I seem to be consistently hitting walls. The hard work is still there and definitely the passion, but the effort falls in pieces to the ground. I sweep the pieces into a little pile and scoop them up, try to take in a different perspective. Then I go at it again from a new angle, only to find myself bent once again to the ground gathering the pieces.

I realize I no longer have the easy crutch of ready resources and opportunity. Was I really trusting God then? I think so. Just differently than I must now. This is good though—good for my soul and for my desire for deeper connection to God. Good for stepping into what is next with him, knowing it will not look the same as it has.

I trust him in the uncertainty . . . more than ever before.


Emily Ann Benedict said...

It is said continuing on even when it seems nothing is working is the moment when things really do start to work...
...even though it may take a while to see that.
I certainly hope so, because I seem to be at the same place you are.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Jan Kern said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Emily.

Thankfully, even if we don't see things working, we can be assured that God is doing his thing behind the scenes, laying down what is needed for what's next for each of us.

I noticed that this past week through something as simple as a couple Facebook updates. I was just sharing a thought and it led to an opportunity. I see God highlighting not only my passions but also where he is taking those.

I'll say a prayer for you right now, Emily, that you will be encouraged in a powerful way this week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. this really helps me. :)

Jan Kern said...

Praying for encouragement for you this day, Anonymous.