Friday, April 09, 2010

Recommended: Susie Magazine

Wow, I’m in the middle of taxes, and it’s a hard shift to get creative. I was about to resort to writing about the grapefruit I was eating, but that would have been torture for you.

So thankfully a glance around my office brought to my attention a magazine that you likely would be much more interested in than the fate of my grapefruit.

SUSIE Magazine

The magazine’s editor is Susie Shellenberger. Susie was the editor for Brio Magazine for 19 years. When Focus on the Family discontinued their teen ministry and publications, Susie wanted to keep the momentum going for the huge impact she and others were making on a generation of girls.

The site describes SUSIE Magazine as “a global sisterhood for teen girls” and says their purpose is “to lead girls into intimacy with Christ, guide them in developing healthy relationships, showcase positive entertainment choices, provide healthy role models, and teach positive self-image.”

The issues I’ve seen are engaging and enlightening, and the writers are honest and real about living out their faith in Christ. They talk about tough topics, teen questions, and how to make a strong global impact. They also include interviews and articles about favorite bands, movies, and reads (really encouraging you to think!). And they tackle the more everyday topics like prayer, family relationships, friendships with guys, and fixing a bad haircut. (Hey, I need to read that last one.)

SUSIE online goes way beyond the covers of its print magazine for the subscribers. Blogs and forums give “the sisterhood” an opportunity to interact. There’s even a page for parents, especially encouraging mom’s and daughters to interact together with the magazine's content.

Check it all out at Could be a great spring thing to do!



Makay said...

awesome. i love that site. :) thanks for sharing. haha.

out of inspiration i have started a new blog, not about my jaw or teeth. check it out... and follow this one. haha. ;))))))



Camy Tang said...

I LOVE Susie! I read a couple of her books published through Focus on the Family and I subscribed to Brio for several years. How cool she has a new magazine! I have to check this out!

Jan Kern said...

And I have to add that each issue, packed with tons of features and articles, is splashed with color and design, art and photography. It's one of those magazines that is fun to pick up for a quick read or to spend a whole afternoon leisurely taking in its pages cover to cover. And with content that has substance and well worth the reading!

I'm impressed. Well done, SUSIE!

Jeanette Hanscome said...

Susie is a great magazine! And not just because one of my articles appears in the current issue. I love what Susie offers teen girls.

Marti Pieper said...

Jan--Like Jeanette, I write (and sometimes edit) for SUSIE Mag. I discovered this blog tonight and was thrilled to see the magazine mentioned here.

I'm amazed at the number of mom, tweens, and teens who've missed the news: Susie's back--and SUSIE Mag's amazing! Thanks for helping us spread the word.

Jan Kern said...

It was my hope to get the word out a little more through this blog. Gotta get SUSIE Mag, folks!

Glad you stopped by, Marti.