Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teddy Grahams

Camy here! And yes, I realized I just posted about marshmallows and now I’m posting about Teddy Grahams. What can I say, I’m on a food kick.

(Come to think of it, when am I not on a food kick?)

Anyway, I hadn’t eaten Teddy Grahams in years, but my friend Dineen brought a box when she came over one day. Actually, I don’t think I had even eaten a graham cracker for a year or two up until that point.

I’d eaten Teddy Grahams before, so I knew what to expect. But somehow, it was like eating them for the first time. She brought the chocolate Teddy Grahams, and they tasted just like the chocolate cookie part of an Oreo!

I was pleasantly surprised. I like the cookie part better than the icing in the middle, so this was like eating the best part of an Oreo.

Anyway, it got me hooked. I went to the store and got me a box for myself, and I’ve been happily munching ever since.

What is it about these little Teddy Grahams? I mean, they’re only bear-shaped graham crackers. Why are they so good? And no, they do not have crack in them (I checked the ingredients label).

Bear-shaped cookies. And I love them. And I don’t know why. Maybe this is harking back to the disturbing psychological reasoning behind why I enjoy biting the heads off of marshmallow Peeps.

So are there any cookies that are, for whatever illogical reason, your downfall? ’Fess up. Confession is good for the soul.

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Charissa Steyn said...

Ohh I miss my teddy grahams! Thanks for reminding me I miss them ;) I live in South Africa now with my husband! They definitely have nothing of that sort here :(

Camy Tang said...

I actually went online to find a chocolate graham cracker recipe (since the actual Teddy Grahams have a lot of weird ingredients) and it doesn't look very hard! The only thing missing is the bear shape. But I guess that's the best part of it!

Kelli Albert said...

I've got a box of the chocolate ones I bought last week, too! I think they have upped the fiber content, so does that make them healthier? I always think chocolate is good for you, though! :-)

Camy, question for you on a different topic - which of the ladies from the Sushi Series is most like you, or do you relate to bits and pieces of each of them?

Camy Tang said...

Really?? They upped the fiber?? Yay!!!!

I have to say that I relate to bits and pieces of each of the cousins. I like volleyball and I'm as clumsy as Lex (I can be as loudmouthed as Lex, too, on occasion). I was a biologist and I'm a bit ditzy like Trish. I'm very logical and occasionally authoritative like Venus. And I love cooking and I'm also a bit shy like Jenn. However, they're also who I'd like to be--I wish I was as good at volleyball as Lex, as fearless as Trish, as disciplined as Venus, and as good at cooking as Jenn. :)


NeedANap2 said...

Have you tried the chocolate chip Teddy Grahams? Very good! I was very surprised!!

Helen Bratko said...

I think they have this sweet/salty combination that makes the addicting. Kind of like Kettle corn.

Camy Tang said...

NeedANap--yes, I tried those! But I liked the chocolate ones better. :)

Helen--good point!