Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trend Talk – 3 Topics to Talk About

I don’t usually have time to watch much TV, but at time I'll have it on in the background just in case some topic of interest grabs my attention.

Yesterday that happened as three afternoon talk shows tackled three different teen or family topics. Oprah had Life Organization Expert (love that title), Peter Walsh, help a family unplug from technology. Great ending to that story! Dr. Phil talked about teens who engage in risky, and even life-threatening, stunts and how their online videos are encouraging the trend. And The Doctors dedicated their entire hour to the topic of teen sex.

I'm not necessarily advocating these shows or their conclusions. Especially the show on teen sex tended toward the popular approach of teen sex is okay as long as it's safe (I don't agree), but it still included current trends and perspectives you'll be hearing about if you haven't already. That was true for all three shows.

Each also offered much for us to dialogue about, especially bringing it into the context of living out the life Jesus calls us to and why that's vital and amazing. As a warning--a good one--knowing what the Bible says will hugely impact your conclusions about these trends!

Take a look at show summaries or videos and get the dialogue going. Look at Peter Walsh's family challenge and consider what great things might happen if your family tried uplugging for a week. Talk through the issues as families or as youth groups. Take a look at your own life and choices and ask God to help you design goals to live stronger, freer lives. Be informed so you know how to respond to questions and pressures of friends.

Show information:

Oprah: "A Family Stripped Down - Peter Walsh Moves In"

Dr. Phil: "Extreme Teen Dangers"

The Doctors: "The Truth About Sex" - show synopsis

And if you're looking for more resources to get the dialogue going, the Live Free books offer true stories of those who have struggled and then found freedom and hope.

Live Free Journey--A Small Group Study

Seduced by Sex, Saved by Love--A Journey Out of False Intimacy

Scars That Wound, Scars That Heal--A Journey Out of Self-Injury

Eyes Online, Eyes On Life--A Journey Out of Internet Addictions

Have a great summer full of great talks!


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