Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yes, I'm being lazy...

But I have a really good (and cute) excuse.

We welcomed Connor Joshua Morrill into our family on July 15th. He weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches long. After weeks of having start-and-stop contractions, Connor came roaring into the world 45 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. (If we have another, we intend to camp out on the hospital grounds as the due date approaches...)

So today I just have pictures for you guys. But they're really cute, and hoping that makes up for a short post.

Me, McKenna, and my "big belly" as she called it. This was taken just a few days before he was born. It was the only shirt that fit me.

Connor when he was about 10 minutes old. And you'd never know from my smile that fifteen minutes before I'd been sobbing to my husband, "I can't do this! I can't do this!"

His first bath. The calm before the storm...

McKenna and Connor. And, yes, she's just as delighted about being a big sister as she looks in this picture.

Stephanie Morrill


Martha A. said...

Congratulations!!! What beautiful pictures! Those fast births can be stressful...I had home births, but still, nerve wracking.

Makay said...

AW. CUTE cute cute... :)

Love, makay

Music chica said...

Wow!He is sooooo cute!
I cannot imagine how horrible the on/off contractions was.
I'm defiantly taking medicine when I have babies.I have really bad cramps so I wouldn't really be looking forward to anything like that.I have been thinking about interview some different people,like some music guys like Pure NRG and Cammie who just recently dropped out of The Rubyz
(she was also on Ishine Live! and Ishine Knect)and then some authors.So maybe sometime whenever convenient for you, if it's alright, I might interview you?I would put it on my book blog which is
God Bless!
I'll have to ask my parents of course as well.

pipinglass said...

So sweet!

Julie Garmon said...

Gorgeous family!! So happy for you.

raspberrygirl said...

Congratulations!! He is cute!!

Stephanie Morrill said...

Thanks, guys! He was totally worth the stress/ouch-factor :)

Sierra, I had an epidural with my first. Had labor lasted very long, I probably would have asked for one with Connor as well. I'm super wimpy about pain! And, yes, I'd love to be on your blog sometime. Send me an e-mail at your convenience: Stephanie at StephanieMorrillBooks dot com

Emii said...

Congratulations, he's so so so cute!! Love the last picture, too!:)
Btw, I was wondering, Steph -- did you ever get the questions for the interview at my blog? It's likely that you didn't, because it seems that, for some reason, whenever I send authors emails for interviews, it never gets to them the first time.. ooh. Unless they just forget about them and delete them.:P

Stephanie Morrill said...

No, I didn't, Emii! Please try resending them.

Music chica said...

Hello Ms. Morrill how would you like me to do your interview?
Would you like a list of questions(like 6 or so) or just like going back and forth in an email like a real conversation.
And I hope that this is not to much of an inconvenience because of your new baby.=)

Stephanie Morrill said...

Sierra, I'm so sorry to just now be answering you! I got called out of town unexpectedly and just got home last night.

How about if we do an e-mail conversation? I've never done an interview like that. It sounds fun :)

Stephanie at StephanieMorrillBooks dot com.