Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prayer and Incense

Camy here! Thanks so much for praying for me a couple weeks ago. I finished my manuscript on time and thought it turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. :)

While I was writing, I totally could feel the prayers of people for me. I don’t know how to explain it. I just knew people were praying. I really felt God’s supernatural power working in me to help me get my book done.

In the Bible (in Revelation, I think), the prayers of the saints (that’s us!) are incense before God, and the smoke rises up to his throne. That’s a pretty nice visual, but what exactly does it mean?

I grew up Buddhist, and at temple, we’d pinch some incense, which was like fine powder (my brother and I would joke it looked like gunpowder and one day it would explode on somebody) and throw it on a smoking pile. The smoke rose up in a thin plume of white, then dissipated. But the scent filled the entire room, which was pretty large.

Our prayers are like those fine grains of incense (or gunpowder … :) and the more prayer, the stronger the scent. Which is why prayer is so AWESOME!

And then the smoke that rises reaches the throne of God. Now think about that for a moment--your prayers reach the throne of God. Most people will never see the Queen of England, let alone walk up to her throne and say, “Hey, Your Majesty, how’s it hanging?”

But our prayers reach God on His throne. That’s how much we rock! and that’s why our prayers are so AWESOME!

So why am I harping on prayer? Because I could use more. :) Pretty please. My left arm and left leg are painfully tingly and I could use a bit of healing (and maybe a new mattress).

But also, I want to challenge you this week to pray a little more. Find some paper and a pen (or use your computer) and write down your prayers this week. Pray/write each day for a little bit. Pray about anything and everything--remember, we have access to the throne room, so nothing’s too small or too big to bring to God.

I think you’ll find you really enjoy this week, praying to God. It’ll make Him seem closer to you and it might help you with things going down in your life.

If your prayers end up helping you, be sure to comment and let me know!

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. Out now is the fourth book in her Sushi series, Weddings and Wasabi. She is a staff worker for her church youth group, and leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service. On her blog, she ponders frivolous things like knitting, running, dogs, and Asiana. Visit her website to sign up for her quarterly newsletter.

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Digging for Pearls said...

I'll be praying for you Camy. I can relate since I've been dealing with shoulder pain (had surgery in April) and also sciatic nerve pain (leg). Not fun!

Jodie Wolfe

P.S. Thanks for the bookmarks. I look forward to distributing them.

Trinka said...

You always make me laugh:) And yes, I will totally be praying for your arm, leg, nad possubly a new matress!:)

f9233468-80de-11e0-81b6-000f20980440 said...

Hey Camy, I just came form my Religion class and we spoke about Buddhism today, so it was interesting to find out that you grew up practicing Buddhism, and then gave your life to Christ! Awesomeness!! Sorry, just wanted to share that with you. I will definitely keep you n my prayers :)

Danah L. said...

Camy, writing down prayers really does work. I've been doing so for about two years now--almost three--writing letters to GOD. He really does hear, and what makes it even better is that I can reread them and see how He's answered. I also recommend speaking what one writes. It puts our prayers and petitions to GOD out there in the open.

Camy Tang said...

Jodie--Ouch!!!! I remember my knee surgery from a few years ago, and I NEVER want to go through that again. Plus your sciatic pain--and I've had that too!!! I'll be praying for you too!!!

Trinka--Thanks so much for the prayers! I had a better night's sleep last night because I ditched my hubby to sleep in the spare bedroom bed, and my back was much better, so it might be time for a new mattress. :(

f9--Thanks for the prayers! Yup, grew up Buddhist, but then I had a Christian babysitter who helped me learn about Jesus, isn't that terrific? Even the little influences in our lives can make a big impact!


Camy Tang said...

Danah, looks like we posted at the same time and I missed your comment. I'm so glad you talked about how you've been journaling your prayers. That's totally awesome!

Nicole @Project Inspired said...

Definitely praying for you! Loved your incense analogy. You are such a beautiful writer.

Camy Tang said...

Aw, thanks so much Nicole! Thanks also for the prayers!

Julie Garmon said...

Beautiful, Camy. And I am praying for you. Looking foward to seeing you in September!!

Your Pecan Friend in GA. :-)

Camy Tang said...

Thanks so much Nicole! And thanks for the prayers!

Julie I'm so glad I'll get to see you!!!!!!