Friday, March 02, 2012

First Date: Reader Book Review

First Date
Krista McGee

My new “favorite” book is First Date by Krista McGee.
My name is Maddie and I am thirteen. I love to read. Recently, my mom gave me a book to read called First Date. Even though she said it was from a Christian publisher, it looked like many of the books I read and the story sounded good so I eagerly dug in one Friday evening.

I like to read books that grab me at the start and pull me into the story. First Date didn’t start with a lot of action, but by the third chapter I was totally hooked. The author used language that I could relate to and included things like the reality show contest that made the story seem like something that could really be happening in today’s world. I really liked Addy, the main character, more than anything.

Addy really made an impression on me. Like me, she was just trying to get through school without drawing much attention to herself until she was chosen for the reality show—for a chance to win a date to prom with the President’s son! Suddenly, she had to deal with crazy and sometimes hurtful situations. She tried to get kicked off the show, but Jonathan Jackson was drawn more to her. She drew her strength from God and never hesitated to share her faith with others. I began to want to be more like Addy. I wanted God’s love to show through all of my actions and words.

I have always had a Bible in my bedroom but I don’t remember doing anything with it other than carrying it to church on Sundays. Addy’s example made me want to study my Bible to learn more about God’s word so I could share it like Addy—in a natural, non-threatening way. I started reading my Bible right after I finished First Date and I haven’t stopped. Now instead of being buried on my desk, it sits right next to my bed on top of the stack of my favorite books.

I chose to do my most recent school language arts project on First Date. I made a story tree with all the elements of Addy’s story on it. I am proud to report I made a 100 on the assignment but more importantly several of my classmates asked if they could borrow my copy of First Date to read. I can’t wait to hear what they think of Addy’s story!

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Trinka said...

This was great, Maddie! I've never heard of First Date before this, but now I REEEAAALLLY want to read it! :)

Ruthie Dean said...

Glad to hear it, Maddie! You did a great job of summarizing the book and drawing new readers to First Date!

Anonymous said...

Neat - It's hard to find good christian books that I want to read and first date is going to be one of the books i read this year - the libraby has a copy :D

I want to share my faith with others too, but in a casual way, can anyone write a topic about how to share your faih with people in everyday life?

Krista McGee said...

Thanks, Maddie, for the great review! And I am honored that you chose First Date for your report. I am praying God gives you great opportunities to shine brightly for him at your school and beyond!

Indy said...

Wow, great book-review.