Thursday, November 08, 2012

All Around the World

Every once in a while I get a really fun email. Here is one from my friend Mary DeMuth that I just had to share.

Dear Tricia,

A lifetime ago (well, four weeks ago), we flew a Transavia flight from Nice to Amsterdam. On the flight as I was getting my seat, I noticed a woman with one of YOUR NOVELS. I said, "Hey! I know that author." She smiled. "I love her writing," she said, in a thick Dutch accent. Be encouraged! Your words are reaching around the globe!!!!!


How fun is that?!

I suppose it still amazes me when I hear that people all over are actually reading my novel. They've been translated in German and Dutch and . . . still I get really excited to see them in a Barnes in Noble in Atlanta!

What an amazing thing the written word can do--share a piece of my heart with people I won't have the pleasure to meet . . . until eternity, that is.

You never know how God will use you. When I was a teen, I had no idea that God would use me to reach people all around the world. In fact, you as modern-day teens are probably just looking to get through this day in middle school or high school. But be encouraged, because you never know what path God will take you down.

When God gave the command to "share the good news with all nations," he meant it for everyone, whether young or old.

My question to you: How do you plan on sharing the good news with all nations?

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Emii said...

That is so very very awesome.
And to answer your question... I love to write. Writing is what I do. Someday, it would be a beautifully astounding thing to have the novel I wrote published.