Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holiday fun...

So it's officially "That Time Of Year".....

(The most wonderful time of the year? Isn't that a song? ::wink::)

Tell me...

What do YOU want for Christmas?  :)

(and please don't ask my four year old. You'll get an alphabetized, color coded list with bullet points.)

Seriously though, I love hearing the things on everyone else's Christmas lists. Partially because it gives me ideas for my own (hehe) and because I really enjoy seeing what people value, what is important to them, what they desire. It can be fascinating. Clothes, money, toys, gadgets, gift cards, home decor... ?

This holiday season as you make your list (and I really do want to know what you want!) try to remember to schedule time, money or energy into giving. Not just giving the gifts you always give  or make for family members, but for someone special. Someone who might not get a gift otherwise. Someone who needs some holiday cheer. A little bit goes a LONG way there. (Think homeless shelters, the kid at school who wears the same thing every week or who you know doesn't have a good home life, soup kitchens, church adoption projects, etc.)

PS - Quick poll: Are gift cards to stores you really like awesome or boring? Be honest!


Anonymous said...

I want:
Walton's Memorbielia
The Duggars Books!!
Perplexed maze game
Tortilla press
I pod charging cube
Duck Tape
My Grandfathers homemade Banana Bread
Focus on the Family Radio Theater books on CD
Sticky Notes

Since I don't have much money:) (I'm only 13, with no allowance) I just keep a list of things I want and then at Christmas time I "edit" it and my mom sends it out to my Grandparents ETC. My Mom and Dad usually get us things other than on our lists because they know things that we want that aren't on the list;) As for gift cards, I'd rather just get cash!

I hope to reach out to my former neighbor, he's also a good friend to me, kinda like a long lost brother:) I want to show him the love of Christ.

What Do You want for X-Mas and what should I get my mom?


Betsy St. Amant said...

Great list!! Banana bread sounds particularly delicious ;) I'll add that to my list. hehe.

That's awesome you have a plan to reach out to your neighbor. Good for you! Spread Christ's love and the real joy of Christmas :) That's fabulous.

Mom gifts are hard. They seem to already have everything, and if they don't, then what they'd want we usually can't afford! ha! I would say make her something from your heart. Moms can never get enough of that. One idea I've done for my mom before is a scrapbook. You can get cheap supplies that are seriously cute from Hobby Lobby or Michael's and put together photos of you and her growing up through the years. PRICELESS gift.

Or, I've done this too - email or call friends/family of your mom, and ask them all to write a short note about how your mom has impacted their life. (remember to tell them its a surprise) Then gather all the cards/notes/letters and put them into a scrapbook for her to open at Christmas.

As for me, my list is gift cards to Charming Charlie's, Barnes and Nobles, Starbucks, and Bass Pro - because my husband and I want to start gathering camping supplies. My big gift I hope to get from my husband - a bow. Like, archery bow. I'm addicted to shooting that thing but his is too bulky and heavy for me. Its so fun :)

Debra Weiss said...

Ooh, great idea, Betsy! :) Let's see there are lots of goodies I want...

Remington Steele seasons (yes, it's an old show but it's Pierce Brosnan whom I adore)

A Scooby Doo plush animal (don't laugh - Scooby is cool regardless of your age)

Some new journals and a funky pen.

That's about it. I think there's a reason my family always tells me I'm difficult to shop for. I don't want for much. :)

I love gift cards for Christmas as long as they're for something I'll actually use (get me a gift card to an auto shop and someone's getting clobbered ;).

Anonymous said...

Great lists everybody! Let's see....
I want a good book and to sit down next tithe fireplace while it's snowing outside with a cup of hot coco!

I also want Jo-Ann fabrics and Michael's gift cards!