Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My new cover!

Camy here and this is the cover to my September release, Formula for Danger!!!

This book follows Deadly Intent, but you don’t have to read Deadly Intent before you read this one. Formula for Danger stars Rachel Grant, the sister of my heroine from Deadly Intent, Naomi.

Rachel is close to my heart because she’s a dermatologist researcher. And while I didn’t do dermatology research, I did do biology research and it was fun to delve back into my biology days in order to do Rachel’s story.

Rachel is the researcher at her family’s Sonoma day spa. She formulates the exclusive, in-demand skin products that make the Joy Luck Life Spa so wildly popular. Her latest product is an amazing scar-reducing cream that has the potential to make the spa to the number one day spa in the country.

But she discovers someone is trying to steal her research and kill her in the process. While Rachel scrambles to protect her formula, Edward Villa, the greenhouse owner who has been growing the scar cream’s secret ingredient, discovers the danger to her life and tries to protect her. But in keeping her one step ahead of the thieves, he has become a target as well.

Here’s something I just got today—the bookmark design for Formula for Danger! My friend, Dineen Miller, is a fantastic graphic designer who worked professionally as a designer in the corporate arena before she became a stay-at-home mom and writer, and she did my bookmark design for me! Check it out!

And in case you haven’t heard, I’m holding a giveaway for my Street Team members with a chance to win Formula for Danger! Click here to find out how you can join my Street Team—it’s free and there’s lots of chances to win prizes!

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. Out now is her humorous contemporary romance novel, Single Sashimi, and her romantic suspense, Formula for Danger, releases in September. She also runs the Story Sensei critique service. In her spare time, she is a staff worker for her church youth group, and she leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service. On her blog, she ponders frivolous things. Sign up for her newsletter YahooGroup for giveways!


Camy Tang said...

I hope you guys preorder my book! This one was really fun to write!

Shelly said...

Love the new cover & bookmark! Can't wait to read it.

Pam Hillman said...

Camy, Love that cover!!! It's beautiful.

Camy Tang said...

Thanks so much, Shelly!

Julia M. Reffner said...

Cute cover. I love the spiderwebs and the color scheme.

misskallie2000 said...

Hi Camy, I love your book already. I love mystery, susense and intrigue with a little romance. I have added to my wish list.

I love the cover and bookmark.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Camy Tang said...

Thanks, guys! I hope you enjoy my book!

Audra Harders said...

Great cover and bookmark, Camy! Love the broken window and ivy covered wall. Very foreboding.

Can't wait to get my hands on your book, Camy-cakes!

Camy Tang said...

Thanks, Audra! The Steeple Hill design team came up with it--it's a different look from my first book, but still very suspensy!

April W Gardner said...

Sweet cover! Dineen did an awesome job on your bookmark. She's one talented lady.

Camy Tang said...

April, I couldn't agree more!